Heal Yourself, Heal the Earth
to Nov 15

Heal Yourself, Heal the Earth

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Special guest interview: Stop Ecocide Co-Founder Jojo Mehta and Head of Campaigning Anita Van Rossum , speaking on the campaign and work of the late Polly Higgins .

Join Stop Ecocide on 15th November, along with 16 other thought leaders, healers and wisdom keepers for the Heal Yourself ~ Heal the Earth www.heal-yourself-heal-the-earth.com Global Online Conference from November 11 - 16th.

This event is completely FREE to all registered attendees! Simply click here www.heal-yourself-heal-the-earth.com to join

“The old ways are no longer working: business as usual in an ‘extraction economy’, mindless consumption, staying small, being held back by our old programming and fears, etc.  Nature needs everyone to be wildly authentic and heal the wounds caused by the myth of separation. We are all intimately connected to animals, plants, the soil microorganisms, the elements and the Land.   The Truth is you ARE Nature. The water you drink may have fallen as rain halfway around the World, or bathed the cells of great poets, plants and panthers. So when you heal yourself, you truly do heal the world. Every time you raise your vibration or unravel a limiting belief, you send a ripple through the collective field and evolve human consciousness.”

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Glorious Earth
7:30 PM19:30

Glorious Earth


A new piece of music is to be premiered in St Laurence Church Stroud as part of a concert 'Glorious Earth'. The event is happening on 10th November in St Laurence Church, Stroud and is raising funds for Stroud Sacred Music Festival and The Stop Ecocide campaign which was started by the lawyer the late Polly Higgins. The music was commissioned by Graham Gwilliam on the occasion of his wife's 80th Birthday, and was inspired by the raised awareness of the perilous position the Earth stands in ecologically. The death of the 'Earth Lawyer' Polly Higgins had a great impact on Bartholomew (Thol) Mason when he was writing. He says

"At the start of the writing process this piece began as a piece about mothers and motherhood, inspired by the words that her family wrote about Pauline Gwilliam, and by the end had turned into a piece which was also about the greatest mother of all – Mother Earth".

The piece is a set for full choir and organ, and ends on an optimistic note, Thol said 

"The words of Julian of Norwich made a very fitting end to this piece. 

All shall be well, 

And all shall be well, 

And all manner of things 

Shall be well. "

The concert also includes music by Morten Lauridsen, Chris Williams, Sergei Rachmaninoff, John Tavener and the second half will be Vivaldi's Gloria. It also includes spoken words by David Attenborough, Polly Higgins and The Buddha.

The choir are the Phoenix Choir under the directorship of Caroline Mason who pack out Gloucester Cathedral twice a year when they sing with the Wynstones School choir. They rehearse on Sunday evenings at Wynstones School, Gloucester, and are always open to new members. The concert starts at 7.30, and entrance is by donation (suggested £10-£15). Please note that last year there was standing room only so please arrive early to get a seat. There will be an interval with refreshments. 

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10:00 AM10:00




Saturday 9 November 2019 University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RH
10am - 4pm

Jojo Mehta, Ecological Defence Integrity & Co-Founder, Stop Ecocide campaign

Criminal law as moral medicine - change the rules, change the culture 

In our so-called "first world" culture, we define what is morally acceptable and what is not through criminal law.  Our current legal structures are (still) premised on the domination and exploitation of nature, and so we have not yet extended our moral abhorrence at crimes such as murder and genocide to damage done to the natural living world (ecocide).  Unless and until we do this, it will be difficult if not impossible to protect the rights of nature - and ultimately life on Earth. Jojo Mehta explains the power of a law of ecocide to address this fundamental issue of perception and catalyse the shift that is required.

Event information:
Organised by Wild Law team at the University of Sussex.

Environmental activism has taken on new forms recently with mass campaigns of civil disobedience and school strikes. These have helped push climate change to the top of the policy agenda, with amongst other things, declarations of climate emergency being made in cities and countries around the world. Activism can take other forms too, such as that of indigenous people struggling to protect their land, campaigning for new criminal laws or within the legal profession.

Wild law, also known as earth law, seeks to align law and governance with ecocentrism. Do we need new frameworks and ways of thinking to understand and meet the challenges of ecological breakdown? Are the climate crisis, the massive loss of biodiversity and the problems of pollution all linked, different aspects of systemic failure which means they can only be solved by moving to a new worldview?

See full programme here:

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Earth Talks 2019
5:00 PM17:00

Earth Talks 2019


Stop Ecocide Co-Founder Jojo Mehta has been invited to speak in Vienna at this years


On October the 30th, 2019.

About action and justice.

The EARTHtalks are an event founded in Vienna and have taken place annually since 2008. Bringing together NGOs, business, public institutions and interested members of the public, the EARTHtalks engages them in dialogue with extraordinary speakers and – most importantly – with each other.


“The EARTHtalks are the highlight of the year – it’s a rare combination of cutting-edge thinking and emergent names, ideas and action. Attracting in a diverse mix of people, this is one event not be missed.”
Barrister and author of Eradicating Ecocide


Make reservation at: https://www.eventbrite.at/e/erdgesprache-2019-tickets-71034651555

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The Cry of an Ecoactivist Talk
7:00 PM19:00

The Cry of an Ecoactivist Talk


The Cry of an Ecoactivist Talk
Eco-Education Tour UK
Ivan Anjo Diniz

British School Hall, Stroud, GL5 1QG
Entry - £5 donation
Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start

A one off opportunity to hear a remarkable first hand account of what it is like to be on the front line of protecting the Amazon forest.

Brazilian educator IVAN ANJO DINIZ is coming to Stroud as part of his UK Educational Eco Tour.

Ivan is based in the Cerrado area of the Amazon, an area of astounding biodiversity and ecological richness. Not surprisingly his life is dedicated to the increasingly difficult and dangerous task of protecting this land:

“I am a Brazilian warrior; I am here to spread this scream in defence of nature across the world.” Ivan asks to know that he is not alone.
Let’s meet him and assure him of our solidarity.

There will be refreshments available and a chance to talk with Ivan.


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1:00 PM13:00

Euston we have a problem - with Chris Packham

Stop Ecocide will be at the event & Matt will be speaking


On 9th October the beautiful South Cubbington Woods are due to be destroyed to make way for HS2 – just in case the project gets the go ahead in December.

Up and down the planned HS2 route a total of 108 woods are due to be partly or wholly destroyed, over 30 of which are classified ancient woodlands, which will take over 100 years to recreate. If HS2 doesn’t get the go ahead these precious woodlands will have been destroyed for no reason other than to pay the contracting firms. A shameless waste.

It isn’t just the trees that will be destroyed, up to 250 species of flora and fauna live in these woodlands and each one’s existence is inextricably linked to each other in a wondrous web of life. These ecosystems are precious, they are the wonders of our world. Ancient woodlands are called ancient because they have existed since before 1600.They are pure and created by nature. They cannot be replaced by man made plantations.

South Cubbington Woods are not the only woodlands already affected by the ‘enabling’ works of HS2. There are plenty more.

On 28th September I will be at Euston Station to raise awareness of the loss of our woodlands and the homes of so many of our natural species.

We do have a problem.

HS2 is a massive problem – the wildlife is just one that has been overlooked and disregarded and it’s time to say we’ve had enough.

Join me at the main concourse of Euston Station. Bring a tree in a pot and let’s celebrate our woodlands and create a forest.

28th September 2019
Outside Euston Station
Eversholt Street
Gathering from 1pm

Source: http://www.chrispackham.co.uk/euston-we-have-a-problem

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Glastonbury Climate Emergency Day
to Sep 22

Glastonbury Climate Emergency Day

Climate Emergency Poster.jpg

Stop ecocide will have a stand and Anita Van Rossum is speaking at 11.30 on the urgent importance of ecocide becoming a crime and the Earth Protector Town initiative.



Glastonbury Town Hall

September 21st 10-4pm

We are facing an emergency and communities countrywide are trying to find ways to lessen its impact.

A free event is organized by Glastonbury Town Council, Somerset Waste, Local community food growers, Extinction Rebellion, Plastic Free Glastonbury, Friends of the Earth & Earth Protectors, will have stalls with information & advice on:– sourcing local food produce & growing your own; switching to renewable energy; how to reduce consumption, reducing plastic use; including recycling, composting & gardening for wildlife.

There will be guest speakers & videos provided by stall holders.

For further information contact: laiqabrowne@glastonbury.gov.uk

For more details:


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International day of Peace, Stroud
10:30 AM10:30

International day of Peace, Stroud

International Peace Day 2019.jpg

21st Sept is International Peace Day; Jozette, a member of the Stop Ecocide core team,has been organising peace events for the last several years around this, and in 2017 Polly and Jojo launched Mission Life force (which has become Stop Ecocide) at the 2017 event.

This year, Roslyn Cook, who has been instrumental in getting 126 countries to sign a treaty outlawing nuclear weapons, and who Polly mentored, is coming to speak about her work.

More about Roslyn:

“I am on CND National Council, its governing body. CND is one of over 400 organisations globally that make up ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, so CND is a partner of ICAN, as is the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom or WILPF which is over 100 years old. I am a member of WILPF too, and at the anniversary Congress in Zurich in May 2019 it was also discussed how WILPF could support a Law of Ecocide. Many present wanted to know more, so there will be a session on it at our Autumn Seminar in London in November.

CND National Council has approved the discussion of how we can support the campaign for a Law of Ecocide, inviting me to put a resolution forwards to that effect at CND Conference in October as a basis to debate this. This is at the national level.

I have been campaigning with ICAN since 2010 to get the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons adopted at the UN in 2017, and since then to encourage and support the increasing number of countries signing and ratifying it. We expect it to enter into force next year, when the required 50 countries will have ratified it. So far we are half way to that goal.”

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One Earth Bristol
10:00 AM10:00

One Earth Bristol

Jozette & Anita from the Stop Ecocide core team will be speaking at the event and there will be an information stand.

Who is behind ‘One Earth Bristol’?

Three mothers from Bristol who teach Yoga, raise their children and have a deep connection with the Earth

3 women.jpg


“Following the death of Polly Higgins, inspiring Visionary, Lawyer and Earth Protector, we felt compelled to honour and champion the legacy she left working at the organisation she founded, Stop Ecocide, Change the Law

Our objective at One Earth is to honour Polly's work and our planet by offering a day of creativity, connection and wellbeing for all generations.

There will be Yoga, meditation and music workshops, tea and cake, sacred singing, a clothes swap, talks on ecology, activism and green living and access to healing therapies to help you manage your energies in a chaotic world.

We’ll have live music from a Samba band, Kirtan (devotional singing), a choir workshop and a drumming circle.

There’ll be a variety of art, kindly donated by local artists available for purchase on the day.

We will have loads of activities for children from forest school, to soap making workshops, yoga sessions, storytelling and music-making. There will also be reps from Extinction Rebellion Youth. And under 14’s come free!

Kabala Kitchen will be offering 100% vegan twists on comfort food classics and 10% of all their turn-over will be donated to STOP ECOCIDE CHANGE THE LAW. Please bring your own plates, bowls and cutlery 

 100% of profits from the event will be donated to 

Stop Ecocide, Change the Law

All efforts will be made to minimise the carbon footprint of the event through locally sourced sustainable vegan catering and sustainable transport options.

Visit our website to check out our fabulous LINE UP and PROGRAMME of events.


… and beat the 14th August Early Bird date

Let’s have a great turn out, a wonderful day and raise lots of money for STOP ECOCIDE


Please join and share our Facebook Event

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to Sep 8



We will have a stand for the entire weekend and speakers on the main stage and youth stage on Saturday

South West 

7th - 8th September 2019 

Tapeley Park, Bideford, Devon EX39 4NT 



Non-Violent Direct Action Training 
Dancing and Music 
The Art Factory 
Children's Area 
Extinction Cafe 
Wellbeing Sanctuary 
People's Assemblies 
Closing Ceremony and Feast 
Weekend Camping 

For tickets and travel information, or to contribute, get in touch:

  • http://www.xrfrome.org

  • XR Rising Tide Rebel Fest 2019

  • xr_risingtide_rebelfest


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Green Gathering
to Aug 4

Green Gathering


On Sunday at 10am at Speakers forum hear a talk by – Stop Ecocide: Change the law Co-founder Jojo Mehta & UK outreach manager Anita van Rossum

There will be a Stop Ecocide presence during the festival & a Stop Ecocide stand outside the Speakers Forum on Sunday.

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Port Eliot Festival
to Jul 28

Port Eliot Festival


Saturday 27th at 12.30pm in the Round Room

‘Culture - Jojo Mehta - Ecocide - Regenerating our Relationship to Nature ‘

Rory Spowers in discussion with Jojo Mehta, co-founder with the late Polly Higgins of the Stop Ecocide initiative, exploring how changing the rules of the game enables a deep shift in humanity’s relationship to Nature Over the last few centuries, humanity has separated itself from nature to such a degree that we seem intent on destroying the very systems that support life itself, through our relentless economic activities to supply passive ‘consumers’.

Nature has become merely 'natural capital'. But should we not see the destruction of rainforests, biodiversity, clean water sources and a stable climate, as atrocity crimes on a par with genocide, but of the natural world?

This is the premise upon which barrister Polly Higgins and activist Jojo Mehta founded the Stop Ecocide: Change the Law initiative to establish ‘the Missing International Crime of our Time’.

Joining The Re-Generation founder Rory Spowers, Jojo Mehta will explain the power of this one simple law to stem the tide of corporate destruction, realigning human law with a higher, universal law - and how you can be part of that.



Please also take time to check out: www.theregeneration.me/

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Seed Festival
to Jul 21

Seed Festival


The Stop Ecocide: Change the Law team will have a presence at Seed Festival this year.

Also on Saturday at 4pm, Co-founder Jojo Mehta will be ‘Polly Higgin’s Footsteps’ Barefoot walk, Honouring her work.

Action is the theme of the 2019 Hawkwood’s Seed Festival as we ride the wave of change!

We are at a crossroads, and with growing environmental and political challenges around the world there has perhaps never been a more crucial time to come together and act with our future, and the planet in mind.

One thing we need  
more than Hope is Action
Once we start to Act,  
Hope is everywhere”
Greta Thunberg


line up at a glance



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Summer Uprising Bristol
to Jul 20

Summer Uprising Bristol


Stop Ecocide have a presence on Bristol Bridge -Please drop by!

Co-Founder Jojo Mehta will be ‘speaking’ on FRIDAY BETWEEN 11.30 - 12 at College Green and then at 1pm at the bridge.

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Summer Uprising London
to Jul 20

Summer Uprising London


The blue boat which forms part of the Extinction Rebellion UK #summeruprising which has been named in honour of Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019, is situated outside of the Royal Courts of Justice in London.
Let's make #Ecocide a crime! ...

Jojo Mehta Co-Founder of Stop Ecocide will be speaking at the London event.

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