I already support environmental causes. What’s different about this one?
Stop Ecocide is not in competition with other causes - it supports them all. If ecocide is made a crime, every other environmental campaign will benefit, because the dangerous industrial activity damaging so many of Earth’s ecosystems will have to be revised at source. This is one reason we ask for a one-off donation (although you can make it recurring if you wish). We’re aware many people have particular causes dear to their hearts - and with a small one-time gift you can also support this fundamental legal change which will make your favourite cause so much more powerful.

What is achieved by becoming an Earth Protector?
1) Visibility: The Earth Protector count at the bottom of our website goes up by 1! Your name and country appears on our public list and an extra green heart with your name on it goes on our world map of Earth Protectors. More signed up Earth Protectors demonstrates to governments, industries and member states considering proposing or supporting a crime of ecocide at the International Criminal Court that there is huge weight of public opinion behind them.

2) Funding: You help crowdfund expert legal, practical and advocacy assistance for small climate-vulnerable states progressing ecocide law at the International Criminal Court. This helps the rest of the world benefit from a law of ecocide.

3) For Activists: You will receive a unique Trust Fund document in your name which shows that you believe that damage and destruction to the Earth and its inhabitants is a crime. If you are, or decide to become, a Conscientious Protector taking non-violent direct action to protect the Earth, this document carries legal weight in most countries around the world and can be used in court as primary evidence that you are not acting to cause harm but to prevent it.

Why must I pay to become an Earth Protector?
This campaign is based on the Earth Protectors Trust Fund document which has significantly more weight and credibility than a petition. This is because it’s been apostilled (rubber-stamped) by virtually every jurisdiction in the world as a valid document which can be presented in a court of law. By its nature it is a Fund, and so being an Earth Protector (or put another way, a Trustee of the Earth) comes with gifting to the Fund.

It’s like being a member of something rather than simply signing a petition (but unlike most memberships you can choose whether to pay once or make a regular donation).

You can of course sign and share our petitions without charge - and we’d love you to do this anyway, member or not! You can also donate anonymously, or sign up to our mailing list.

Does Stop Ecocide have charitable status so that I can I benefit from tax relief?
Stop Ecocide’s educational and awareness-raising work, as well as our Earth Protector towns scheme and overheads, can be supported by donating to the charity founded by Polly Higgins. It’s called the Earth Community Trust, UK registered charity no. 1143660. We welcome all charitable donations.
The direct advocacy part of the work - legal/diplomatic/media is considered political work and is thus not designated as charitable in the UK. This work funded through the Earth Protectors Trust Fund (signup donations via our website) and through our UK non-profit Ecological Defence Integrity Ltd. Ecological Defence Integrity is a private company, limited by guarantee. It has no shares or dividends, or returns to shareholders. All donations go towards the purpose of the organisation, which is to progress a law of ecocide.
NB if you are a Dutch taxpayer you can donate directly to the Earth Protectors Trust Fund in The Netherlands where the main fund account is held by Triodos Foundation and has charitable status under Dutch law. Please see our donate page.

Where do my sign-up funds go?
Funds cover expert legal assistance, practical and advocacy costs of small climate-vulnerable states progressing ecocide law at the International Criminal Court. See Article 3 of the Trust Fund document.
NB Sign-up funds are ring-fenced for the above and do not cover core costs which are financed by separate donations. We produce annual reports which are available on request.

Why must I sign up in Euros?
This is because the main Trust Fund account is held in The Netherlands and has ANBI (charitable) status there which is a tax advantage to NL donors and those from tax juridictions which operate similarly. Much of the activity it funds is also based there. If you would like to be an Earth Protector but prefer to donate in another currency you can sign up for the minimum amount here and then set up a separate donation from here (recurring or one-off).

Do I have to be over 18 to become an Earth Protector?
No - you can sign at any age.  This is an open trust document that anyone can sign, so your children can sign up too! They must each have a separate email address to become an Earth Protector.

Can I still become an Earth Protector if my country isn’t a member of the International Criminal Court?
Yes you can! We would urge you to encourage others in your country to become Earth Protectors and to recommend your government supports a law of ecocide by joining the ICC.

Can I gift Earth Protector status to others?
Yes you can. We advise you to inform them, because you must provide their name, location and email address even if you provide the means of payment. All sign-ups must have a unique email address.
You can also encourage others to sign up instead of giving you Christmas presents… see our shop.

Q. How can my town/institution/business/school gain Earth Protector status?
See resources here

How can I encourage my government to support this law?
We suggest signing or creating national petitions as shown on our Petitions page as well as encouraging others to sign up as Earth Protectors and to involve your town in the Earth Protector Towns scheme - the logical next step after acknowledging climate and ecological emergency.

What else can I do?
Lots! Here are some possibilities:
● Sign and share our Petitions
● Join our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram groups. Like & share our posts and blog posts on you social media.
● Encourage your organisation/school/university/town to gain Earth Protector status.
Buy our t-shirts and wear them!
Donate towards core costs
● Add our banners to your social media profiles, email signature and website.
● Distribute flyers, stickers etc in your neighbourhood and at events and festivals. Download or email us
● Organise or give a talk about Ecocide
● Create a fund-raising event
Alert us to influential friends who could help promote our campaign.
● Become a volunteer
● Set up a Stop Ecocide campaign hub in your country
● Become a Conscientious Protector if that is your passion
● Any other creative act of your imagination...and let us know so that we can share!
(NB Whilst we are delighted to welcome all creative acts of imagination - It is essential that any project that includes material relating to Stop Ecocide, Jojo Mehta or Polly Higgins is cleared & authorised by the campaign, before it is released into the public domain. Please get in touch at team@stopecocide.earth. Many thanks)

Why does our social media not focus on all of the ecocidal atrocities taking place internationally?
Other people do this very well already. We are focused on a concrete legal solution to stop the harm, especially at the international level, and the narrative around that and relevant to that. We also publicise the positive Earth Protector movement of those supporting a future where ecocide law is in place, a future based on a “first do no harm” principle. (See Earth Protector Towns).

What does the symbol in your logo represent?
Our logo is based on the rune symbolising “protection”, as well as a tree, a person, the Earth and the widely-known symbol for peace. It is, in symbolic language, peacefully standing up as an Earth Protector.