We are Ecological Defence Integrity (EDI), a small UK non-profit founded by legal pioneer the late Polly Higgins, with a team of international criminal lawyers, diplomats and evidence experts working to advance a law of ecocide at the International Criminal Court.

See more legal / historical material at our information portal on Ecocide Law.

Our international strategic team is already working directly with Pacific small island (Great Ocean) states and has been accompanying them to the International Criminal Court’s annual conference for the last 3 years. These islands, such as leading Pacific voice Vanuatu, have the strongest incentive to propose an amendment to international law - climate crisis is already an existential threat for them.

A second, rapidly expanding team manages the public-facing campaign to support this work (including the present website).

The two aspects of our work are now co-ordinated by key spokesperson Jojo Mehta, co-founder with Polly of EDI and the Stop Ecocide campaign.