We’re looking for Volunteers

Would you like to raise awareness about our campaign by becoming a volunteer?

Our volunteers help us with a wide range of activities including handing out flyers in your neighbourhood, a market stall or at festivals and events, giving a talk, organising an awareness/fundraising event, helping set up an Earth Protector Town or contributing skills such as translation, creative, educational etc etc

Please complete our Volunteer form below. If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to send additional information, please contact Cath at cath@ecologicaldefenceintegrity.com

You can also help spread the word by purchasing our T-shirts, shopping bag or stickers.

Under 25?

If you are under 25 years of age, you might like to join our Stop Ecocide Youth Hub Facebook Group. This is a youth hub or network for young EARTH PROTECTORS to share information, stories and support about environmental, climate & world related issues and specifically about the "Stop Ecocide: Change the Law" campaign.

You can use this group to find other Earth Protectors in your area, arrange meeting up to share ideas, organise campaign-related 'actions' or just to support each other.

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