“Reverse Christmas card” – eco twist on seasonal giving


In a twist to the well-known charity practice of gifting sponsorship or charity membership, eco advocacy group Stop Ecocide’s “reverse Christmas cards” are intended to pre-empt and actually prevent the receiver buying the sender a gift, instead requesting they “pay it forward” and support the campaign instead.


Jojo Mehta is co-founder of Stop Ecocide, which aims to criminalize mass damage and destruction of nature.  She said:


“Christmas presents are often agonised over or simply unwanted, and in the light of the ecological crisis we’re in, we urgently need to re-examine the obscene consumption that is triggered every year.  Our ‘reverse’ Christmas card solves so many issues at once – you’re telling your nearest and dearest what you would really like, pre-emptively saving them time and trouble, withdrawing support for the production of (often) unsustainably sourced gifts AND helping support a law that can truly protect the planet. What’s not to like?” 


She explained that pre-emption is also a key part of the campaign’s wider goal:


“Putting in place a crime of ecocide pre-empts and prevents serious harm to our beautiful planet – harm underpinning a culture of consumption that is not only unsustainable but dangerous, as we now know. When this harm can no longer be underwritten or invested in because it’s illegal, that’s very exciting - it begins to turn the whole planetary ship around. And in miniature, that’s what our reverse Christmas card is doing – preventing unnecessary and unsustainable consumption in favour of protecting the Earth.  It’s a way of walking the talk at Christmas – for us and for you.”


This means acting fast, Ms Mehta admits, to pre-empt super-organised folk who may already be making Christmas purchases.


“Now’s the time to be sending these cards – don’t wait till December. Let your family know you don’t need another Christmas jumper or the latest gimmick kitchen utensil. We don’t live in that world any more. The planet can’t afford it and neither can we.”



Reverse Christmas cards are printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable inks and are available now at http://www.StopEcocide.earth/shop in packs of 6 for £5, with a selection of 3 designs.


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About Stop Ecocide

Stop Ecocide is a public-facing campaign managed by Ecological Defence Integrity Ltd (EDI), a UK non-profit incorporated in 2017 for the purpose of forwarding an international law of ecocide.

Further legal and historical information can be found at www.ecocidelaw.com

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