Stop Ecocide: Change the law - An Overview

The world is in climate and ecological crisis.  And right now ecocide (large-scale destruction of the natural living world) is legally permitted.  Current regulations simply do not stop the harm.  

We believe that the most effective way to turn the planetary ship around is to make ecocide an international crime - and we are already partway down the road to making this happen.

Our non-profit Ecological Defence Integrity, founded in 2017 by UK barrister the late Polly Higgins and environmental campaigner Jojo Mehta, is working on adding Ecocide to the list of crimes prosecuted at the International Criminal Court (ICC), to sit alongside War Crimes, Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and - more recently - Crimes of Aggression.

Our work has two key elements:

Diplomatic/legal - our international team is already working with small, climate-vulnerable states which have the power to propose an Ecocide amendment at the ICC.  The ICC’s annual conference in The Hague in December is the key forum for advancing this work.  We have accompanied Pacific island representatives and enabled their voices and concerns to be heard there for 3 consecutive years, as the nations most impacted by climate emergency.

Campaigning - our public-facing Stop Ecocide campaign is both funding this work and raising global awareness of ecocide crime as a concrete solution capable of addressing our global crisis.

Supporters declare themselves Earth Protectors and contribute to a globally validated Trust Fund.

Who are we?

We have a core team of 8 lawyers, academics, researchers and diplomatic contacts working with Pacific island states towards proposing a crime of ecocide at the ICC.

We have a second core team of 12 campaign and outreach staff taking forward the Stop Ecocide campaign, supported by over 50 volunteers.

Over 10,000 self-declared “Earth Protectors” have contributed an average of €10 to the Earth Protectors Trust Fund which forms the basis of the Stop Ecocide campaign, including a few high net worth individuals’ gifts of up to €100K.


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