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If governments are to make ecocide a criminal offence they will need telling by their own people, via government petition software which can verify signatories.

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Make ECOCIDE a criminal offence in [your country]

Climate agreements and civil laws have failed to prevent escalating harm to the Earth.
A criminal law of ECOCIDE would criminalise practices known to destroy ecosystems and/or exacerbate climate breakdown. It's the only way to force industry to change direction.

ECOCIDE is defined as “extensive loss or damage to, or destruction of ecosystem(s) of a given territory(ies), such that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants has been or will be severely diminished.”
[Submitted to UN Law Commission, 2010 by UK barrister Polly Higgins.]
To establish seriousness, impact(s) must be widespread or long-term or severe.
As with other atrocity crimes, those liable to prosecution will be persons of superior responsibility such as CEOs and government ministers.