June 2019


Dr Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, in support of Stop Ecocide: Change the Law.
Park stage Glastonbury Festival (official) 2019.
Love & gratitude.


Backstage at Glastonbury Festival today: Intentional climate change activist Farhana Yamin with artistNick Mulvey.

Showing his support of the Stop Ecocide: Change the Law campaign and co-founder Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019. Gratitude!

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Article in the guardian which (in the content) highlights the beautiful photo of The Wisdom Keepers in the Green Fields at Glastonbury, holding up a Stop Ecocide: Change the Law placard.

Photograph: Alicia Canter The Guardian



Back stage at Glastonbury
Extinction Rebellion & Wisdom Keepers will hold a minute silence on 'The Other Stage' at Glastonbury Festival (official), (courtesy of SK Shlomo)
in memory of activist & environmental lawyer Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019 co-founder of Stop Ecocide: Change the Law


Stop Ecocide: Change the Law
#earthvoices at Glastonbury Festival


Some fabulous Stop Ecocide: Change the Law placards popping up all over the place in this film of the Extinction Procession' Glastonbury Festival (official)

Extinction Rebellion Greenpeace International, Wisdom Keepers. 
NME film. 


The Wisdom Keepers at Glastonbury Festival (official) holding a Stop Ecocide: Change the Law / Earth Protectors placard!

The Wisdom Keepers is a global initiative that acts to catalyse festival culture for climate awareness. They provide a platform for Elders and spiritual leaders from indigenous communities and Wisdom traditions around the world to share their wisdom at an experiential level with audiences at festivals and to collectively bring about a more conscious, peaceful and sustainable world.

This collective facilitates spontaneous and profound shifts by enabling global audiences to appreciate and understand traditional wisdom ways as holistic, comprehensive and practical worldviews with immediate and relevant application in their own lives and societies.

Kurukindi, a Kichwa Amazonian Shaman, activist and part of the Wisdom Keepers, said: “It’s very important that we try to connect with Nature; and that connection has to be with love. It has to be honest and authentic. Money is the big distraction. It is the biggest threat in the world.”


Farhana Yamin - leading international environmental lawyer and climate change and development policy expert - Showing her support of Stop Ecocide: Change the Law at Glastonbury Festival (official)

Farhana has provided legal and policy advice to many different countries and constituencies over the last 20 years working especially the least developed countries and the Alliance of Small Island States.


"ECOCIDE: Could the law help save the planet?"

Finally, here is the link to the 'Round table' TV show.

Co-founder of Stop Ecocide: Change the LawJojo Mehta joins a panel of experts on TRT World (Sky) show 'Roundtable' to discuss the question:
"ECOCIDE: Could the law help save the planet?"

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Fantastic tweet this morning from Extinction Rebellion together with article in London Evening Standard

"At noon, Extinction Rebellion and the Wisdom Keepers will hold a minute silence on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival (official), in memory of activist and environmental lawyer Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019, who co-founded Stop Ecocide: Change the Law."

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Polly's last wish was a big party - and its turned into the biggest party in the country!

Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019 remembered at Glastonbury Festival.

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Over 1300 climate law cases in civil courts around the world including Friends of the Earth class action against Shell in the Netherlands earlier this year .....

Great work towards making them PAY - but only criminal law can actually make them STOP!

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“I do not wish to be associated with BP any more than I would with an arms dealer, a tobacco salesman or anyone who wilfully destroys the lives of others alive and unborn.” he said.

BRAVO! Mark Rylance for showing that protecting the Earth from ecocide is already a matter of conscience... let's make it a matter of criminal law! 


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"In case you were wondering why our legal team is putting together a test prosecution case file on Shell CEOs re. climate ecocide...”

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This UN report highlighted the need for exactly what our campaign is all about - ENFORCEABLE environmental laws & protection for environmental activists.


A lovely post in 'Charlotte's Blog' - a soulful approach to sustainable development.

"Polly-nating* reverence for the sacredness of life.
I “met” Polly in a strange way: she was speaking to us from the other side of Life.


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Please watch!
At 1hr32mins - the law of ecocide was suggested this week, to UK government's Business Energy & Industrial Strategy committee.





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"Our head of strategic partnerships Shirleen Chin on ABC radio Australia yesterday" (2mins in...)

'Should the world's biggest polluters be charged with the environmental crime of ecocide? That's the question being put to Pacific leaders by environmental lawyers from the Hague' (www.abc.net.au)


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The Art Couture 'Wearable Art Competition' winner in Gloucester cathedral! This beautiful three meters high artwork entitled ‘pollywood’ created by Jules Ellison of Make It Studios Stroud

Jules’s and her team are paying homage to Polly Higgins, her beauty and her work with the creation of this wearable Earth Goddess.


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"The ICC may have internal issues and room for improvement but as this article ultimately concludes, is still absolutely necessary. We believe that the addition of ecocide will breathe new life and purpose into the ICC as well as stimulating better investigation, recording and reporting of environmental crimes."

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"Ben you're so right, we all need to take responsibility for our actions... which is why we need to be able to prosecute those in positions of superior responsibility who are causing or contributing to ecocide..."



Change in Nature Podcast:

Polly Higgins - Award winning author, Barrister and eco-pioneer.

In this episode, Polly talks about her quest which led her to campaign for the international law of Ecocide. She calls it "The missing law of our time".



"WOW amazing news ... does this mean Vogue will be encouraging the fashion industry to start taking responsibility for its contributions to ecocide...? We certainly hope so"

Polly Higgins features in Vogue’s 2019 line-up of 25 "high-powered and visionary women whose work is shaping Britain’s future.



Co founder of Stop Ecocide: Change the Law Jojo Mehta and co founder of Extinction Rebellion, Simon Bramwell are interviewed on BBC Radio Gloucester this morning, 'The life and legacy' of Polly Higgins.

You find it between 2h12m - 2h25m 
at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p079wcmv


'Earth Protectors - Moving Forwards'

On 2nd June, a beautiful, open gathering took place in Stroud, and we were all invited to contribute to the next stage of Polly’s great endeavour and her life work to bring in the law of ecocide. Polly's greatest wish was for her important work to continue full steam. She has passed the baton to us all with that invitation.

It was a beautiful afternoon of ideas and inspiration which grew into some clear goals.

Over 65 people attended with an amazing level of enthusiasm, energy and ideas from festivals to info packs and from student groups to Earth Protector Towns, from celeb connections to children’s books. 
Watch this expanding space and feel free to get in touch if you want to be involved!


Incredible young EARTH PROTECTORS in action! .
Youth Strike for Climate - 24th May 2019 in #Stroud .