July 2019

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"Like laws against genocide, we need one that protects the earth - from ecocide
“We can debate for any length of time whether we risk an environmental disaster of 10 years or 500 years. Regardless, there is no doubt that we are living above the Earth's resources. ”This is according to Martin Lindström, who is the CEO of leadership developer Lindström & Göthberg and who is on the board of the Board of End Ecocide Sweden.

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Lawyer Maud Sarliève: "none of the mechanisms in place make it possible, as it stands, to effectively combat ecocide and associated criminal practices... international justice remains inadequate in the face of these challenges" #StopEcocide


"Extinction Rebellion and Polly’s work (Stop ECOCIDE) are very intimately linked, spiritually, emotionally, in friendship, in love, in solidarity and also very practically” Gail Bradbrook, Co-founder, Extinction Rebellion.
We invite all rebels to join us and protect the earth

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"Valérie Cabanes: icc should recognize the crime of Ecocide. International lawyer, defender of human rights and nature. Lawyer and activist Valérie Cabanes has seen situations on all the world’s continents where people’s fundamental rights are being undermined by harm to their natural environment.

Here she describes some of these situations, analyses recent environmental pressure on the International Criminal Court (ICC) and proposes an international legal structure putting as its priority the respect of the global ecosystem to restore security and peace...."

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“The late Polly Higgins, the acclaimed environmental lawyer, called for ecocide to be considered a crime on a par with genocide. If we are serious about protecting wildlife, world leaders should implement her recommendation. “


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#ecocide next?
“Two dozen prominent scientists from around the world have asked the UN to make environmental damage in conflict zones a war crime. The scientists published their open letter in the journal Nature.

The letter, titled "Stop Military Conflicts from Trashing the Environment.....

We call on governments to incorporate explicit safeguards for biodiversity, and to use the commission's recommendations to finally deliver a Fifth Geneva Convention to uphold environmental protection during such confrontations,"


27th July at Port Eliot Festival - a packed house in the stunning Round Room venue.

Rory Spowers of The Re-Generation , in discussion with Jojo Mehta, co-founder with the late Polly Higgins of the Stop Ecocide initiative, exploring how changing the rules of the game enables a deep shift in humanity’s relationship to Nature

Over the last few centuries, humanity has separated itself from nature to such a degree that we seem intent on destroying the very systems that support life itself, through our relentless economic activities to supply passive ‘consumers’.

Nature has become merely 'natural capital'. But should we not see the destruction of rainforests, biodiversity, clean water sources and a stable climate, as atrocity crimes on a par with genocide, but of the natural world?

This is the premise upon which barrister Polly Higgins and activist Jojo Mehta founded the Stop Ecocide: Change the Law initiative to establish ‘the Missing International Crime of our Time’.

Joining The Re-Generation founder Rory Spowers, Jojo Mehta explain the power of this one simple law to stem the tide of corporate destruction, realigning human law with a higher, universal law - and how you can be part of that.


This amazing image was just shared with us.
#ECOCIDE is vertically a mirror.
The water is rising.....

Time to change the rules...

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JULY NEWSLETTER - Stop Ecocide: Change the Law #BLOG -information about what’s been happening over the last month and links to videos and projects of interest.

“This month, 5 cities in the UK had Extinction Rebellion boats blocking the roads to bring awareness to climate and ecological emergency. The London boat was blue, parked in front of the Royal Courts of Justice - and was named Polly Higgins! Extinction Rebellion hoisted a flag saying "MAKE ECOCIDE LAW".



'The vision of Polly Higgins and continuing the legacy'.
A talk by Joziet from Stop Ecocide: Change the Law core team

Friday 26th July


We did it!
10,000 EARTH PROTECTORS - and this is just the beginning……



Fantastic weekend at Seed Festival.
The Stop Ecocide: Change the Law team shared information abut the campaign from the stall, 
Rob Hopkins from the Transition Network and Mike Berners Lee, author of 'There is No Planet B'; (Pictured) show support for the Stop Ecocide: Change the Law campaign!

AND: Co-founder Jojo Mehta led a beautiful walk in honour of Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019.

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Solidarity with Earth Protectors protecting sacred land. "The Hawaiian People are leading a movement to protect the summit of Maunakea from further illegal ecological degradation and cultural desecration."

Please keep updated & support on: 
www.Facebook.com/Zach.street #kukiaimauna #protectmaunakea


Elizabeth Roberts - Wednesday 17th July was #internationaljusticeday in Bristol, Earth Protectors called for a law of #ecocide.

Elizabeth Roberts, a member of the public in Bristol, agreed to share, on film, her thoughts on why she feels Stop Ecocide: Change the Law is an important campaign to support. 
Film: Squiff Eye for Stop Ecocide: Change the Law


Extinction Rebellion has been spreading the word about us on social media for a while now, and has endorsed the campaign. Love & Gratitude.



Extinction Rebellion has been spreading the word about us on social media for a while now, and has endorsed the campaign. Love & Gratitude.

Please become an Earth Protector and support making #ecocide a crime.

Extinction Rebellion

Hilary saunders, a Stop Ecocide: Change the Law volunteer, speaks about the campaign at the pink boat on Bristol Bridge on International Justice Day 17/7/2019. 
We received tweets afterwards, telling us that people had signed up as Earth Protectors after hearing Hilary talk!

Film: Squiff Eye for Stop Ecocide: Change the Law

Part of the #summeruprising Extinction Rebellion 


'A tribute to the work of Polly Higgins'
The full speech by Co-Founder Jojo Mehta from Polly's boat.
A MUST watch!

Thank you Real Media

"Polly Higgins was an international lawyer who spent the last ten years of her short life campaigning to protect the earth through the introduction of an international law of ecocide. She died peacefully at Easter this year after succumbing to a fast-spreading cancer.

Her close friend and colleague Jojo Mehta delivered this speech from aboard the Extinction Rebellion boat, moored on the road outside the Royal Courts of Justice on the first day of the XR summer uprising.

The boat has been named the Polly Higgins in honour of her memory and her important work. That work will continue, with both legal and campaign teams co-ordinated by Jojo and with the support of thousands of ‘Earth Protectors’ signed up to a Trust Fund which will help small island nations amend the Rome Statute and bring the crime of ecocide under International Criminal Court jurisdiction.

Ecocide is described as ‘serious loss, damage or destruction of eco-systems such that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants has been or will be severely diminished.’

In this informative speech, Jojo explains how the law can realistically come about, and how the trust fund might also help Extinction Rebels to bring their arguments into court.


Wednesday 17th July was #internationaljusticeday in Bristol, Earth Protectors called for a law of #ecocide.

An amazing and beautiful day at Bristol bridge meeting some incredible people and sharing information about the campaign Stop Ecocide: Change the LawHere are a few more Earth Protectors!
Photos: Squiff Eye for Stop Ecocide: Change the Law

(World Day for International Justice, is an international day celebrated throughout the world on July 17 as part of an effort to recognize the emerging system of international criminal justice. July 17 was chosen because it is the anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute, the treaty that created the International Criminal Court.)


On International Justice day yesterday in London, Extinction Rebellion Co-founder Gail Bradbrook speaks from the boat named in honour of Polly Higgins, about the origins of Xr and explains why: 'Polly was one of the reasons that we are here today....'


An amazing day and What a brilliant atmosphere! Some amazing connections made & Earth Protectors joined up.

Today at Bristol bridge, Hilary, Sue and some of the SE team shared information & spoke to passers by.

Hilary spoke from the big pink boat to the gathered crowd about the ‘Stop Ecocide: Change the Law’ campaign and........then some of the crowd joined her with their placards for this cracking photo and to show their support!

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"Extinction Rebellion said the protesters were there "to demand the legal system take responsibility in this crisis, and ensure the safety of future generations by making Ecocide Law".

"We also stand in solidarity with climate activists around the world who are sacrificing their freedom to fight for climate justice," it added.

The group is calling on the Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service to drop cases against those arrested during the April protests."


A 'World shifting conversation' with Stop Ecocide: Change the Law Co-Founder Jojo Mehta


This from 'The Ecologist'

"The boat, which also had the words "we are nature defending itself" painted on the side, was named Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019 after the late environmental lawyer who campaigned for ecocide to be made a crime. A flag with the phrase "make ecocide law" was raised from its mast."



This from 'Legalcheek.com' .

"The environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion has parked a boat outside the main entrance of the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ).

Arriving outside the historic building this morning, the blue yacht bears the name of Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019, a Scottish-born barrister turned environmental lobbyist, who sadly passed away earlier this year."


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Even the Daily Mail is talking about it!

Some fantastic images of Polly's boat and #earthvoices.


#Earth protectors in London


Jojo Mehta, Co-Founder of Stop Ecocide: Change the Law speaking in London.

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'A legal duty of care for the Earth'

Please watch Co-Founder Jojo Mehta speaking in front of the Royal Courts of London yesterday about 'Visionary Lawyer' Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019 & the campaign Stop Ecocide: Change the Law.


Great short film of Jojo Mehta, Co-Founder of Stop Ecocide: Change the Law, speaking today outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London.


A mast worth nailing your colours to!

"A clear and simple demand: make ecocide law."


The boat named POLLY HIGGINS, in honour of Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019, Co-Founder of Stop Ecocide: Change the Law - outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London this morning. Lets make #ecocide a CRIME!

Image three shows Stop Ecocide: Change the Law Co-Founder Jojo Mehta speaking to the crowds.

Part of the Extinction Rebellion UK #summeruprising


The boat which forms part of this weeks Extinction Rebellion UK#summeruprising in London has been named in honour of Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019!!
Stop Ecocide: Change the Law Co-founder Jojo Mehta is there now at The Royal Courts of Justice and will be speaking this morning.
Lets make #ecocide a CRIME!

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Legal rights are the first step but how to protect those rights? - Criminal law.
Just as your right to life is protected by murder being a crime, nature's rights will only be properly protected when a crime of #ecocide is in place.

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Fantastic result!!! 
These indigenous campaigners are true #EarthProtectors. They shouldn't have to spend years in court to protect the lungs of the Earth which we ALL need in order to breathe.

We must change the rules. It's a crime to destroy the body of another human being. It should also be a crime to destroy the body of the Earth. 



A Cree Indian prophecy states that when the Earth has been ravaged and the animals are dying a tribe of people from all races, creeds and colours will put their faith in deeds not words, to make the land green again. They will be called Warriors of the Rainbow, Protectors of the Environment.


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And like slavery... #ecocide must become a CRIME. 
Then as now, business (and many politicians) will rail against such an apparently drastic legal change. But it is necessary.

Litigation, mitigation and ambition are all ways of mopping the floor with the tap running. The harm continues.

Making ecocide a CRIME will turn off the tap - and make way for the infrastructural changes that are so desperately needed.

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This landmark civil case from 2015 is currently going through its second appeal - supreme court expected to make its final decision by the end of the year. 
If the Supreme Court rules in favour of the plaintiffs, the government will face penalties eg fines, orders to adjust or make relevant policy etc, but nobody will held criminally responsible... so no effective enforcement. If the government fails to act then more court cases will simply ensue, etc. 
Please see the article link below for the most recent progress report.

It is absolutely brilliant to have had precedence set back in 2015, in this way and it has kicked off much climate litigation over the last four years BUT it is civil litigation and doesn't hold the power of criminal law. It still does not make criminal the industrial activity which is exacerbating the climate problems we face, so it doesn't actually prevent it. 
We need to take action to make #ecocide a crime.

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Reducing emissions is only one aspect of only one (albeit huge) problem. It won't actually stop the harm. Our forests, our oceans, our insects, birds, wildlife and soils are all threatened and disappearing not only as a result of climate destabilisation but also from direct damage and destruction. Only criminal law can prevent this and force industry to actually change direction. Make #ecocide a CRIME.



Wonderful - BUT it's mopping the floor with the tap running... "you can do this, but you have to pay for the damage."

To actually STOP the harm we need to turn off the tap and make the practices CRIMINAL. 



A key reason why Paris agreement is toothless... countries aren't halting fossil fuel production: See link below: 'Countries must address this major Paris Agreement blind spot' ......we reckon only criminal law will actually do that. Make ecocide a CRIME.


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London Climate Action Week: International criminal law and the environment - considering a law of ‘ecocide’.

- Kingsley Napley - Josephine Burnett



What an amazing weekend! 
Polly Higgins Earth Lawyer - 1968-2019 , co-founder of Stop Ecocide: Change the Law, was remembered with a minute silence at Glastonbury Festival (official) on 'the Other Stage' and she was also honoured at our own incredible 'Polly in Wonderland party' on Sunday.

Here are some of the photos from 'Polly in Wonderland

Photo credit: www.marksaundersphotographyuk.com

If you would like to buy any copies - please go directly to https://marksaundersphotography.zenfolio.com/p468548109. Password: jojo.
All money raised will go to Stop Ecocide: Change the Law.