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Heal Yourself, Heal the Earth

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Special guest interview: Stop Ecocide Co-Founder Jojo Mehta and Head of Campaigning Anita Van Rossum , speaking on the campaign and work of the late Polly Higgins .

Join Stop Ecocide on 15th November, along with 16 other thought leaders, healers and wisdom keepers for the Heal Yourself ~ Heal the Earth Global Online Conference from November 11 - 16th.

This event is completely FREE to all registered attendees! Simply click here to join

“The old ways are no longer working: business as usual in an ‘extraction economy’, mindless consumption, staying small, being held back by our old programming and fears, etc.  Nature needs everyone to be wildly authentic and heal the wounds caused by the myth of separation. We are all intimately connected to animals, plants, the soil microorganisms, the elements and the Land.   The Truth is you ARE Nature. The water you drink may have fallen as rain halfway around the World, or bathed the cells of great poets, plants and panthers. So when you heal yourself, you truly do heal the world. Every time you raise your vibration or unravel a limiting belief, you send a ripple through the collective field and evolve human consciousness.”

Earlier Event: November 10
Glorious Earth