How do I go about forming a local Earth Protector Town group for my town?

1.      Check our register of towns to see if there is already an Earth Protector Town group that you can join. If not:

2.      Invite other Earth Protectors in your town to form a local group. If you don’t know of any Earth Protectors in your town you could post a call out in the Stop Ecocide Volunteers Facebook Group. First sign up as a Volunteer and include Earth Protector Towns as an interest and then you’ll be invited to join the Facebook Group.

3.      Approach your like minded friends and people in local environmental groups and talk to them about Earth Protector Towns. Ask them to sign up as EPs and to help you form a town group.

4.      Once you have a couple of people, have a first group meeting and work on expanding the group and moving into helping the town become part of the movement

5.      Please let us know if you have formed a local EPTown group so that we can add you to the register by emailing us at

How do I help my town become an Earth Protector Town?

1.      Start a local EPTown group - check our register of towns. Familiarise yourselves with the Declaration, which is what the Town would have to vote on and flyer.

2. Work on establishing contacts with your town Council through your network of friends. If you have a contact person within the Council, get advice on how to best approach the Council. Otherwise go to the Town offices and speak with the town Clerk.

3. Ideally you would then go to a town meeting and invite the Council to join the EPTown movement. To the question of what does it mean and what does the Council have to do, present them with the Declaration. The Town can find more information on the process here

My town doesn’t have a Council, how can I help promote the Earth Protector Town movement?

In some places, Councils at the regional or County level govern the towns in their area, and the towns themselves have no separate Council. In this case, we suggest the following:

1.      Start a local EPTown group - check our register of towns. Familiarise yourselves with the Declaration and flyer.

2.      Talk with local businesses, educational institutions, health centres and local environmental and other organisations about the EPTown movement.

3.      Identify already existing initiatives, such as climate change action 2030, transition towns, etc, and arrange a gathering with all involved to identify how you can act together at the town level.

4.      Approach other local towns, groups, and work together to invite your regional Council to vote on the Declaration and join the EPTown movement. That would then apply to all towns in the region.

For Town Councils that want to join the Earth Protector Town movement

What does the Town Council have to do to become an Earth Protector Town?

1.      The first step is to vote on the Declaration.

2.      Once that has been approved please appoint a contact person and contact us at so we can add you to the register. Let us know if you want to be part of the pilot programme so we can advise you further.

3.      The pilot programme runs till late April 2020 and aims to produce a framework for action and a dedicated website so that EPTowns can communicate with each other, share resources, plans, solutions to specific problems, and tools to help towns achieve their goals.